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Me 1, Squirrels 0

One day, I saw a mysterious hole in my plastic trash bin. Inside, the bags looked like they had been clawed open. I figured it was an animal and starting scanning my yard for a bear. I mean, clawed open = bear, right? So I looked for a bear. After I retreated to the safety of my kitchen, of course.I later put duct tape over the hole. The mysterious animal gnawed through that, too.There wasn't much of the tape left so evidently it was mighty tasty.


Next, I ordered a new trash bin. It arrived before I researched solutions to my problem (did I mention that I'm the Princess of Procrastinators?). The morning after the bin was delivered, I found a hole in that one, too. Later that same morning, I saw five squirrels scurrying toward my neighbor's trash bin which was on the curb for pick-up. They scampered up in about two leaps, synchronized like swimmers, and disappeared inside. I waited for them to emerge, but I guess that party of five knew how to party hardy. I couldn't wait around so I didn't see how many left with a sugar high.     


But that sighting made me realize that they were the holey terrors who had ruined my trash bin. I know you just went DUH! But everybody can't be as smart as squirrels. Anyway, I finally researched how to keep them out of my trash. The solutions seemed worse than the problem - various peppery sprays or serious poisons that might make this geezer a wheezer or worse. Finally, I read about a simple, easy solution. Get an old-fashioned tin trash can! So I did. Now, although I have to store the bags in the tin can, then transfer them on trash day, I am happy to do it. Be-cause the synchronized squirrels have moved on to greener homeowners.